Pocket-sized safety for water activities.

Restube is the world's smallest buoyancy aid. It gives you unrestricted movement to do what you love, and the priceless peace-of-mind knowing that you'll return home to who you love.

What is Restube?

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How restube works

Always with you

Attach it to yourself with the supplied belt or to your equipment.

Pull the cord

Pull the cord and the Restube instantly inflates to give you buoyancy.

Now you can rest

Just hang on to the inflated Restube if you need a rest.

Stay mobile and fast

Restube won't slow you down or restrict your movement even when inflated.

Be more visible

Use Restube to attract attention and become more visible to rescuers.

Help a friend

Give Restube to a friend who needs help and become their hero!


Open water swimming means freedom without limits to me. Restube allows me to swim even further and longer.

Loic Branda, Open Water Swimmer

I love kitesurfing. As a professional, I want to feel free when I am alone far out. Restube is my 'peace of mind'.

Emmanuel Norman, Professional Kitesurfer

While snorkeling I always have my Restube buoy with me to be able to dive deep into the beautiful underwater world. If I need to surface faster or my child or me want to chill, I just pull the trigger!

Timo Martens, Leisure swimmer & snorkeler

My whole family is wearing Restube at the beach or lake. It is so small that you don’t notice it. In case we want or need some buoyancy we have something to hold on to.

Gabi Bauer, Mother

Since our drone has been equipped with Restube automatic, the time it takes to bring flotation to any person has been dramatically reduced. It makes so much sense, as time is the crucial factor in any rescue.

Harry Moore, Lifeguard

As a lifeguard Restube is great. The inflatable is so small that I can wear it all the time. If I have to rescue a swimmer, I can directly jump into the water, have my hands free with enough buoyancy to secure the bather.

Clemens Menge, Lifeguard